Blood Moon Rising: Lunar Eclipse 10/8/2014 - Shoot Notes / by Phillip Guyton

This morning I woke up far to early to get some photos of the Eclipse, it's really a good feeling to get a photo that your 100% happy with.  

I planned it out in advance, picked a nice shot with nothing blocking my horizon in the direction the moon would be setting with less light pollution than at my home, setup my tripod and shot using bracketed exposures, M low iso, f/8 varied the shutter through the process , tried both spot metering and center weighted average.

I got quite a few that I was really happy with, a vast improvement over the last time I tired catching one.  It was a tricky event since it happened as the sun was rising - also the moon puts out alot of light - it's tricky to get the exposure right, you have to either get detail in the lighted area or the dark - and the overall light level changes alot as the event occurs (and did i mention mosquitoes? ) .  I figure i may stitch  a few together later to get some interesting composites. 

overall I'm really tired but happy :)

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